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One of the reasons there is a distinct difference at Nabua Thai, which makes them stand out as a leading Thai massage centre in Marbella, is their wonderful warm welcome.

Every morning, Jintana, owner at Nabua Thai and her team, pray and meditate together, creating a clean energy ambience. A relaxing feeling that sets in as soon as you walk into the centre. You are then presented with a refreshing drink to start detoxing your internal system. A professional assessment is then talked through, to ascertain which areas of your body need to be cared for and also what physical problems you may have or have had in the past, in order to choose the best massage or treatment that suits your needs; like stress, fatigue, postural muscular pains or posture-related etc.

If you’ve never tried a Thai massage previously, Nabua Thai recommends as a first experience their Fusion Massage – a clever blend of Thai and Swedish massage techniques, soothing all aches at the same time unblocking any stiffness and easing your muscles into relaxation and flexibility.
If on the other hand, you have already experienced a Thai massage, Nabua Thai has a pleasing signature Thai therapy that takes a holistic approach, to balance and rejuvenates body, mind and soul.

They also have heated rooms, blankets and a warm towel to clean your feet. At the end of your treatment, you are also delicately awoken, slowly easing you back to reality and a truly relaxing ambience. To finish this wellness treatment, you are served with a warm tea, sourced from organic farms based in Estepona, to stimulate the blood circulation and put your body back into action.

Nabua Thai marks a difference within the massage centres in Marbella, as they also offer an authentic Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage inspired by the ocean and spirit of Aloha as well as an Udvarthanam session: an Ayurvedic body scrub massage that uses a medicated herbal powder. These special treatments are just two among many other professional massage proposals, like the Balinese massage, foot reflexology and Nabua hot stone.

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