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Treat your skin to something new

Nabua Hot Stone Treatment

A healing ritual using heated riverstone rocks to amplify and compliment the effects of a full body massage. This comforting warmth radiates deep throughout muscle and bone, melting away tension. The skin becomes softer and readily absorbs our nourishing oils choosen for your type. To complete this symphony of elements, Solfeggio frequency music gently calls awareness out of mind and into body.

80min – €110

Nabua Facial Treatment

We focus on an excellent therapeutic facial massage and keep our products simple. Your skin is carefully warmed, cleaned and toned. Then ready to be lavished in nourishing plant extracts for either dry, oily, anti-age or blemish reduction skin types. Our 60 minute treatment is thorough and the massage includes the neck, shoulders and chest.

30/50 min – €50/80

Body Polish or Skin Enhancer

These treatments include a short massage and the application of fresh & natural Thai medicinal recipes to exfoliate and nourish the skin.

50 min – Prices vary

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