The benefits of Thai massage on body and soul


Clients visiting Nabua Thai in Guadalmina, may be assured that Jintana and her staff deliver the highest quality of practice, ensuring a traditional holistic approach that benefits the whole body. Thai massage is based on a profound knowledge of anatomy, and it may be a surprise to learn that experts in the field use not only their hands but also their whole bodies in conjunction with their breathing. Thai massage relieves pressure or discomfort by targeting acupuncture points, working muscles in a whole-body manipulation using thumbs, elbows, forearms – even the feet and knees can be used, depending on the treatment being carried out! This ancient therapy promotes energy flow by releasing blockages and harmonising the whole being, working on the muscles of the body in order to promote relaxation and recover joint flexibility.

Meet the staff at Nabua Thai

Eva, our holistic therapist, began her career in the field of alternative therapies in 2006. Continually honing her skills, she has trained as a spa technician in craniofacial massage, sports massage, reflexology, Bach Flowers, auriculopuncture, Reiki and also as a yoga instructor for children.

Thanks to this preparation and years of experience, Eva currently specialises in relaxing, unwinding massages of the neck and back as well as having a deep understanding of essential oils.

Through her vocation, Eva likes to highlight her positive attitude in life, empathy and love of her profession, always striving to deliver a high quality service to every client. She is undoubtedly a sensitive holistic therapist who respects people as a whole and likes to work straight from the heart.

At Nabua Thai Massage & Training Centre, Eva continues to learn and work side by side with Jintana with the aim and commitment of delivering the best service to all their clients.





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