Four hands massage: healing body, mind and spirit!

Jintana aka ‘Nabua’, founder of Nabua Thai, has achieved an impressive resumé over the past 20 years, with vast experience in the field designing a complete range of massages that are tailored-made for individual client needs.

Thanks to these treatments that vary from stress relief, muscular pains and a wide range of specific treatments, Nabua Thai has received excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. Take this client who shared his experience following a heart attack in January last year. After experiencing crippling pain in the lumbar region he found that after a few sessions the pain had greatly decreased. He also found a huge improvement in his walking condition as his muscles were also beginning to cramp. Now after weekly sessions at Nabua Thai, the source of discomfort was located and his symptoms are very much diminished. Another client mentioned he never had a massage before let alone a Thai treatment, but found Nabua Thai “very professional and worth every cent.” After visiting the Guadalmina centre on a couple occasions, the treatment completely resolved his shoulder and back problems.

Our featured treatment is Four Hands massage – with two therapists working in unison using essential oils, massaging all parts of your body (legs, back, neck, arms, face and head); the mind disconnects as it cannot focus on four hands simultaneously, therefore any accumulated tension is immediately forgotten.

How can this relaxing massage help us?
This fabulous therapy allows the client to forget everyday stresses, stimulating the body symmetrically and simultaneously bringing you deeper benefit as the mind enters an almost meditative and relaxing state.

The Four Hands massage benefits the lymphatic system, stimulating circulation, organ function and also helping to regenerate tissue, providing wonderful tranquillity and relaxation.

For more information, check out our selection of therapeutic massages and spa treatments!

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