Our philosophy

An oasis of healing and high quality massage; sourced from ancestral wisdom, meditation and buddist prayer; filtered through natural plant oils and medicine; maintained by a small team of dedicated therapists. Welcome to the salt of the earth!


Our Story

There is a woman who wears her life as a garland of beautifull deeds. Jintana aka "Nabua" is the founder of Nabua Thai. A welcoming light found on the path to success. She holds an impressive résumé, and a past that smiles and supports her with over 20 years experience in the field. A caring therapist and worthy teacher. After managing and training the team at Finca Cortesin for many moons, she has finaly stepped out to open her own shop. Officially open from May 2017.

As they say; like attracts like. . .  For quality touch, come and visit our team, we got your back!!

Meet the Team


Jintana Buakham

Owner & Therapist 

nabua thai team

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